Aaron Rodgers takes some time before every game to see fans

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  1. I am not sure if they still do it, but the Carolina Panthers used to invite a kid that had been a patient at the local children’s hospital to each home game. The kid and family got pregame field passes and the team had a special Keep Pounding area fenced off at the end of the bench. While there were many other people on the sideline, this are was only for the kid, their family, a photographer and a rep from the team. Players would come over during warm ups to say hello and take pictures. Other people would stop by like the owner, coaches, the officials and such. The team would assign one player in specific to stop by with a game ball and sign it.

    My son was invited to a game and we had a blast. Thomas Davis was our special visitor. During warm-ups, Ted Ginn caught a sideline pass directly in front of us and let his momentum carry him into our little area. He gave me a little hip-check. It was awesome! My son had a blast!

  2. Vikings fan here. Hate him on the field. But this is what really matters in life. All athletes should be like this. Only takes a few seconds but the memory will last a lifetime for the fan.

  3. theres a bunch of comments in this thread about AR being a bad person because he has supposedly cut off his family. Why does cutting off your toxic family make you an asshole? reddit culture is wack.

  4. He’s the man. One hell of a role model. I’m a Pats fan and I think Brady is the Goat. On top of that I like to root against the Packers, but there’s no denying the talent and sportsmanship from #12 down in GB. Nice little vid

  5. The best type of athletes are those who understand what the fans feel like seeing them

    A pro cyclist does the same, Peter Segan is more of a show man yet he was world champion multiple times. He always talked to fans and even climbing mountains he would take pictures and do wheelies.

    These athletes are the most loved for fans

  6. Not a criticism of the player or fans, but it’s interesting that as a society we value the photo op more than we value having a genuine moment of connection. It struck me how the woman turned the kid’s chair away from the player running towards him and toward the camera.

  7. Glad you shared that.

    He’s clearly among the top 5 QB’s in the league, and of the past couple decades, but from watching interviews I’m never quite sure what to make of him personally.

  8. This is great but as an athlete you should take 5min to say high to a few special fans.

    I mean who wouldn’t want to make some kids day like this? Plus you’re basically a celebrity making millions of dollars to play football. You owe the world some good


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