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  1. I feel like this meme was made for me. I like this guy online who is 32, I’m 26. We are really close but my family hates him because we got sexual with each other at one point and now they think he’s a sexual predator. Sure, whatever you say. My mom even called him a pedo at one point.

  2. my friend actually talks to these random people online who say they are a part of a kpop group, GOT7. i mean, yeah they send pictures of themselves but you can find so many of them online. i need to tell his mom cause i’m worried

  3. My ex girlfriend’s mother and sister gave her this shit when me met. …On fet-life.

    “How do you know he’s not a sexual predator or a pervert? How do you know he’s not trying to rape you?”

    Her: “That. Is. Specifically. What. I. Was. Counting. On.”

  4. Wow, accurate. Any time i go on an online date that goes past 8 pm, they are blowing up my phone. I talked to this one guy for three years online, snapchatted, called, video called as we watched Netflix or walked home, hardly ever flirted. Literally the most wholesome and genuine friendship I’ve ever had, yet he was a raping murdering weirdo who escaped prison (he got detained once because he didn’t know he could say no to an unwarranted search, they found marijuana in the car, he was in jail for 5 hours, the charges were dropped).


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