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  2. Take a gander at the faces on these people too – he’s got the attention of every last one of them and I bet they all walked away Yang. He handily beats Trump in the short term and sets up America for a future that we could look forward too. He needs to be on that debate stage.

  3. I hope Yang can get a boost during Iowa. Yang has replaced Warren as my second choice in lieu of the recent shit that’s been going on, but I am worried that if he doesn’t have at least some sort of strong showing in Iowa him and his movement might end up fading away.

    I like Yang and I hope that if he doesn’t get the nomination that he could maybe become a cabinet pick for one of the other candidates. I think Yang has great potential as a political figure and that even if he doesn’t win this year maybe in the future he could.

  4. Hi, I am actually working on a piece on UBI and automation and will be visiting Iowa late January.

    I am currently looking to film a Yang Gang event (I am on official Yang2020 press news letter/rsvp list) and follow to film a day of an enthusiastic Yang Gang around. Please message or reply me if you would be interested.


  5. I’m in this pic ayyy

    Edit: hopefully somebody close to Yang reads this. I left this comment to the organizers or whatever post event survey.

    I’m a conservative who voted for Trump, and I don’t like that he only accomplished half of his promises and kind of lied about some stuff, so I’m more than willing to vote for anyone else this year, and what attracted me to Yang was that he was literally the only one who didn’t bash trump constantly and provided solutions to problems he laid out. Tonight he made like 20 anti Trump jokes, where did this come from? He did a complete 180 from past interviews I’ve seen. Just my thoughts on what I think will turn a lot of conservative/middle voters. I still really like him and tonight he gave a really good speech/q&a but I know people who would be offended from being called “racist, insecure, stupid” for who they voted for. Overall really solid event though, it was freaking packed.

    Edit 2: /u/evioniq is dumb as hell. Here’s me meeting him.

  6. That crowd looks outstanding. I have to ask tho, why is it so imperative that people need to see Yang in-person to decide that he is the best Democratic candidate out there? I listened to like 10 minutes of Yang’s interview with Sam Harris and instantly knew Yang was the best candidate out there. I don’t need to see Yang in person to realize dis shit.

  7. I love how the only Asian person running for president is using “Math” as his version of MAGA. That’s hilarious! If the media weren’t astonishment shills that would be a huge meme and all over.


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