Average World Temperature since 1850 [OC]

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  1. This is exactly the kind of media that should be broadcast out to the general public. You are still going to get people attacking the datasets but you are going to reach a lot of people ignorant on the situation and be like. “Wait a minute…. Is this real?’

  2. I have a quick question. Could it be that it always has been warmer and we just developed better weather technologies so that we’re detecting weather patterns more accurately? I can’t imagine weather instruments from the 1850 to be the same as now. Also how can we be so sure that weather from back then were being reported accurately on a global scale? I hope someone can shed some light on the consistency of these weather data. Thanks.

  3. This is the same hadcrut4 dataset as used in this visualization from this week



    I visualised this hadcrut4 dataset as a simple heatmap 3 years ago


    You can use blue->red and in many ways thats better. But that color scheme was used in the visualisation above. Blue->red for this one is at



    ggplot2 r package code



    *edit some people want a better title that mentions anomalies. Which is a fair point. So that version is at

    [https://i.imgur.com/J2xs1IE.png](https://i.imgur.com/J2xs1IE.png) and [https://i.imgur.com/OY82S9R.png](https://i.imgur.com/OY82S9R.png)

  4. When you look at this graph you should also think about the distribution of temperature sensors from 1850 to now.

    To find out an “average world temperature” is not as easy as it seems.

  5. How has this data been controlled? In 1850 where were they taking their temperatures and how were they calibrating their instruments?

    Like if the scientists lived in major cities, where in the city they took their temp matters. If they built a giant Walmart parking lot there in 1970 it would skew the data. The world is changing how are we sure we are measuring it correctly?

    Disclaimer for those that can’t handle people asking questions, fuck off, questioning science is literally the point of science, and I’m not denying the world is warming, but I’m also not giving internet randos a pass on experimental design.

  6. The scale has a range of 2 degrees Celsius, making it visually deceptive. While there’s certainly an issue that needs to be addressed here, when you see things like this it’s no wonder there’s so much polarization on the issue. Someone looking at the color scheme is doing to think the global temperature has gone up 10 degrees and someone looking at the scale is going to scoff and claim that it’s alarmism

  7. The typical dismissive response to climate change tends to be individuals nitpicking the data because the numbers are “small”. This especially happens in western countries who don’t fully understand the magnitude of Celsius.

    To describe it another way, there are only 100 degrees difference between water freezing and boiling.

  8. Huh, so the coldest temperatures typically occur during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter as expected, but the HOTTEST temperatures ALSO occurred during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. I wonder why that is.

  9. I have a question, couldn’t the the average temperature have increased due to the fact that the weather stations are in or near cities and in the city its warmer than in an isolated place because of factories etc.?


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