Axe shotgun, inspired by ‘Fortnight’.

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  1. “Uh, yes….I’d like a shotgunaxe, but can you design it so when I strike something with the axe end–you know, when the shotgun is most likely to go off accidentally–it is pointed directly at my chest?”

  2. There are historical weapons where an axe or bayonet is affixed to a gun.

    This is NOT the way those are put together. At all. Not even a little. THAT monstrosity would kill you if you tried to use the axe portion

  3. So imagine this.

    You are hunting, you have a shell chambered and the firing pin is ready to be released. You take aim at a hare which promptly sprints away and you forget about taking the shot.

    On the way back to your truck you come across a nice pair of shed antlers that are lodged under a small log. You can easily lift it up but what’s the fun of that? You decide to break the old, wet woodrotten log in parts with your blunt axe.

    You grab your gun axe by the barrel, take the swing, hit the wood, the firing pin shakes loose, hits the primer of the shell and bada bing bada boom your chest is now full of doom as you bleed to death in a forrest in Louisiana. God anywhere but Louisiana.

  4. This looks like a wonderful way to end up with a hand full of sutures, unless that’s supposed to be a shoulder stock. Then it looks like a wonderful way to end up with a ruptured proximal deltoid and a torn rotator cuff.

  5. So, am I the only one looking at this and thinking “you strike them with the rifle butt from the shoulder, not hold the whole thing like a regular fucking axe.”

    I’m not gonna lie, putting something like a piece of angle iron on the bottom of your stock to make a strike like that more effective has definitely crossed my mind more times than I’m willing to admit. Not great if you have a buffer tube by any means, but still something to think about.


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