Bernie Leads Another California Poll

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  1. Holy shit, +10 since November while Biden and Warren didn’t move an inch. that is remarkable.

    I believe the logical conclusion is we’ve essentially won a ton of previously undecided / lower-tier-candidates’ supporters?
    If we pull off these wins in the early states, it means we’ll surge even more due to some of Biden’s and Warren’s supporters coming over to us.

  2. **Make sure your peers in California/**those expressing interest in voting for Bernie are registered to vote Democrat and **not** “American Independent Party” (which is actually a far-right group)!

    Also remind your real-world colleagues in Cali **NOT to rely** on voting with a provisional ballot! They denied/threw away so many of those in the 2016 California primary!

  3. In the Bay Area, I’ve yet to see a single bumper sticker that does not belong to Bernie Sanders. He’s popular as fuck, especially in Oakland, SF, and SJ. And his policies resonate strongly among us college students. I wouldn’t be surprised if he win CA by a huge margin.

  4. Honestly, at this point people should just support Bernie. He is going to win, and win it square and fair, powered by the little people.

    We never had the media, or the Democratic Party but it seems like we are going to defeat everyone, including Trump too.

  5. Is there anyone willing to make a list of why Trump sucks with facts? My mother wants to vote for him and I am trying to convince her to vote for bernie . But she thinks the economy is doing great and that trump hasn’t done anything wrong. I don’t follow politics at all really but I think I could convince her with real facts. She only watches the news for political stuff. So if not oh well but I’m willing to try!


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