BSG give us a compass. Watch the compass. for better orientation on the map with friends.

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  1. Personally I would be ok with that but only by watching your compass and not the on screen display like the PUBG one. This could add some immersion and wouldn’t be too much of an anti-hardcore feature

  2. The half of the comments who say it’s unnecessary are forgetting its first most important use case – when you don’t know the maps. Having a compass would make both having the in game map, or having another map open on your monitor, useful for new players. Had 3 friends join in this wipe after the event and all of them agreed that there needed to be some sort of compass because they could never find anything or anywhere they needed to go. And something as simple as a compass would have solved half of their early-game frustrations

  3. I honestly really enjoy this game, but the sheer elitist mindset of, “iTs CAsuAliZinG mY hARdCorE sHoOtER” of some people(honestly seems like a pretty large percentage of the community) is seriously putting off wanting to play with anyone else besides my friends.

    Look at the salt in this thread some people are having over a fucking compass lol.

  4. Coming from Squad, i can’t agree enough with this.

    I’ve spent years training and giving callouts based on compass and distance and in Tarkov it’s a mess because even if you learn the actual map and use compass callouts based on it, people don’t understand them.

    First thing i thought when playing with friends for the first time was – “We have all that sick wartech and no fucking compass?”

    It doesn’t have to be an “always on” thing like in Squad, it can be like in Post Scriptum – press a button, have your PMC do an animation with it’s hand and open up a compass. It can be a buy-to-use item too, like actual gear that’s cheap but you have to keep buying if you lose it. That way scavs won’t always have it, which would make sense…

  5. I don’t get why this suggestion always gets downvoted.
    It’s something more to add to the experience, better than a totally unrealistic hud compass.
    I’d also include the ability to rotate the outer bezel of the wristwatch to see the remaining raid time :O

  6. Personally compass isn’t for locating where I am, but calling out enemies to my squadmates. It is so frustrating when even if you know all of the map callouts, you can’t be more precise than “over there at that tree” when you are trying to explain the exact location.

  7. I’ve been wanting a compass in Tarkov since the beginning. I used to get lost on some maps before I learned the layout, honestly it only benefits the player when first learning a new map. But I can see how it’d be useful for teams needing to find each other and calling out threats to a certain direction.

  8. I understand not having a compass but like. most people have a compass realistically. I just hope they don’t make it so that you gotta buy it for like >50k and then you obviously drop it when you die. The compass is so much more useful for newer players or infrequent players so having it expensive would be dumb. Experienced players wouldn’t bother getting it

  9. Already planned. Actually they showed off a render of one they were working on some time early 2019.

    Im all for it but I can totally understand if they don’t want to implement it just for the sake of adding the extra “game play” of learning maps via call outs. There is some charm in knowing a map, seeing where you spawned, and using POIs near you to identify where you are and where to go a opposed to just “Ok I just follow this compass NE”.

    I’d still love one, as it helps navigating and playing with new people much easier.

    I’m not entirely against the idea of not having it either but AFAIK it is planned and still on its way. I’m sure the Unity 2018 move along with everything patch 0.12 related had it’s priorities first.


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