dO yOu HaVe A pLaN? dO yOu HaVe ThE mEaNs?

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  1. Hi all, I’d like to share a cautionary tale…

    While it is always important to answer these questions honestly with your doctor, beware that answering “yes” to the question of suicidal/homicidal thoughts while in an emergency room will likely be a one-way ticket to the psych hospital.

    Once I was having a panic attack that would not stop, so I went to the ER. They were asking me all the usual questions and I answered “yes” to suicidal/homicidal thoughts (because I have OCD and these thoughts are daily, even though I have zero intent). I tried to explain I had no intent, but it was to no avail.

    Next thing I know, they’re telling me they’re “transferring me to another hospital”, I’m forcibly strapped down, all my belongings are taken, and I’m thrown in an ambulance and not allowed to contact anyone I know.

    As you can imagine, my panic attack was GREAT after that ordeal.

  2. At some point I developed a disclaimer that just comes out automatically when I’m encroaching that “territory”. I always beat them to the punch with “…but I am NOT suicidal or a danger to myself or others. I do NOT have a plan blah blah blah”. I feel like I must be the most annoying patient ever but I’ll be damned if I’m going to the psych ward again unless I’m genuinely on the brink.

  3. Accidentally did this once, she brought in her boss (?) and I spent the rest of the appointment backpedaling.

    (I’m now a semi-happy, fully functional mid-twenties student so…I’m glad I didn’t kill myself!)

  4. My SO tells me to be completely honest with my therapist, but this is exactly why I’m not. I would be fine in inpatient treatment, and there’s a lot of times I’d feel I should be, but dealing with the fallout after would be 10x worse. I have a kid to take care of and a job to keep, at the very least those obligations prevent me from acting on suicidal urges and feelings.

  5. I mentioned my overdose (like a year ago) to my therapist bc medical reasons bc insomnia reasons and she was exactly like the caption. Obviously I didn’t say I had plans or anything but it scared the shit out of me

  6. Every time I see a new doc/therapist etc they’re like
    “oh, I see you have depression. Do you have a gun at home?”
    Me: “yup, several”
    Them: “I’m worried about your safety given your history”
    Me: “That’s not how I’d do it, I’m not stupid- if I fuck it up and wake up without a face I’d be really depressed. I’m a nurse- have WAY better ideas.”

  7. Whenever I meet a new therapist I always ask what circumstances they would seek to have me hospitalized. She answered and also told me that there were other steps she’d try to take first like calling my emergency contact etc.


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