How Does President Sanders Sound to You? Bernie is surging and may have found his moment.

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  2. The more popular he becomes, the more the attacks and innuendo will pile up. Let’s avoid divisive discourse and focus on solidarity. If there is real leadership, the candidates should avoid attacks in character and avoid vilifying the other’s supporters.

  3. – Millennials and GenZ outvoted their elders for the first time in the 2018 midterms.
    – Trump was elected with only a little more than 1/4 of eligible voters. 43% of Americans didn’t vote in 2016.

    Any candidate that’s going to win needs to energize new/young voters. A candidate like Buttigieg or Biden is an attempt to shave away some of Trump’s voters (the myth of the Republican moderate) while ignoring new/young voters. It’s obvious which path is best in 2020.

  4. Interesting that Bret Stephens, complete shitheel, has now come around on the premise that Sanders could win. Further, it’s just refreshing that he admits he won’t vote for him, because it opens the door to stop catering to never trump morons like Stephens.

  5. Sounds pretty great! The media is ramping it up trying to stop him. I hope they won’t manage to. It’s not really about him at all, but the people he represents. They’re not trying to stop him, they’re trying to stop you.

  6. I’m a blue no matter who voter, meaning I had decided long before this cycle that I will vote for the Democratic candidate opposing Trump in the general, period.

    I came in to this cycle leaning Warren, liking Bernie, and being open to see what the other candidates were about. That evolved into “I’d be proud and excited to vote for either Warren or Sanders, the rest aren’t my favorites but would still get my vote in the general.”

    Now I’m passionately backing Sanders but the second half of the above sentence remains the same.

  7. I voted for Bernie last time and support him, but I’ll vote for any Democrat who gets the nom. But a lot of Bernie supporters come off as loons, sorry. Every bit of good news is evidence there is a conspiracy against him and any bad news is evidence of the same conspiracy. Are there some people who want him to fail? Yes. And there are people who want Warren, Biden et al to fail. Win or lose, it still takes voters to vote. If Bernie wins (and I am voting for him in my primary) I will vote for him in the general. If he loses I’ll vote for the winner in the general. I’m not going take my ball and go home. The only voters I’ve talked to who have said they will would only vote for their guy are the just the loon type Bernie supporters (not all Bernie voters) and that is disheartening.

  8. I’m still very curious who his running mate will be. That’s a hugely important decision given his recent heart attack and age. Someone younger with similar beliefs would be ideal, maybe even a… gasp… woman?! We can only hope.

  9. “There’s a better world a-coming
    Don’t you see see see
    Better world that’s coming don’t you see
    When we’ll all be union and we’ll all be free
    There’s a better world that’s a-coming
    Don’t you see”

  10. Fivethirtyeight still has Biden at a significantly higher chance if taking the primary; as much as I would love to see Bernie take the nomination I don’t think enough of the younger generation care enough to vote like the boomers. I would still rather have Biden over Trump, but barely.

  11. Sounds great.

    TBH 4 of the 6 candidates on the stage tonight would sound great as President. 6 of the 6 candidates on stage tonight would be a better President than we have now.

    Go to the primaries. Vote. Get others to register to vote and encourage people to go out and vote. For the love of god just vote.

  12. NGL i heard of bernie for the first time in 2015 and spent 4 hours that night watching him on youtube. then i came in to work the next day and told everyone “this guy is gonna be our next president”

    i was wrong, but hopefully only about the word “next”

  13. I’m afraid this reminds of the 2012 campaign.

    At the beginning, everyone knew it would be Romney. Yet, every month, a different Republican was in the lead and was going to win. Jeb Bush, Trump, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum… then at the end, it was Mitt Romney.

    Kind of similar here. Every thought Biden was it. The. Pete got his 15 mins, then Kamala, then Elizabeth, now Bernie.

    I bet we’re going to end up with Biden at the end.


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