How We Lost the Right to Move Freely

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  2. Depressing but accurate. Padding for the moderator.
    More and more people are opting for safety over freedom. Over and over they turn to and unleash the authorities rather than considering themselves as potential deputies to be called upon to assist in enforcing the law and maintaining order.


    This is a fascinating read that completely shifted the way I understand the notion of public spaces and the role of government. It goes into the nuance of a fundamental difference between “the right to privacy” and “the right to free movement.” They are not one in the same – I see them more like the inverse of each other. Our society chose one over the other and it is incredible to see how that small difference between the two has impacted our lives so potently. I have re-read it several times and am still grappling with the notion.

  4. > America’s founders first articulated the right in the Articles of Confederation by guaranteeing to Americans the [right to freely travel throughout the U.S.]( While not directly specified in the Constitution, it has long been [understood]( that [Article 4 Section 2](, which makes a general reference to the inviolability of all “privileges and immunities” of the citizens, indirectly preserved the right.

    Not according to the source this article cited. According to them, Article 4 section 2 is only meant to stop state governments from discriminating against the citizens of other states. [](


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