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  1. I asked my 2nd grade teacher if I could go pee and she said you just came back from recess you should’ve gone then… I asked again later telling her I couldn’t hold it in anymore and she says we’re too close to the next recess, just hold it in. I tell her I can’t, she tells me yes you can. When recess comes she sees me staying at my desk so she asks me why I’m no going to the washroom since it was such a rush and I tell her that I don’t need to anymore, so she looks down and sees the piss puddle at my feet and then she has the audacity to ask me why I didn’t go..? I told her I tried twice and she refused – twice. At least she apologized but at the same time reiterated that I really should’ve gone at the recess…

  2. One time in elementary school I was hanging out with this one kid on the playground and he was a bit mentally handicapped. He told me he had to pee. My response was go pee on the swirly slide then haha. And he did and then some kids went down it after not knowing there was piss on it and he got in big trouble but he never snitched on me. Miss you Marcus you the MVP. Lmao

  3. This happened to a homie back in high school. Asshole teacher wouldn’t excuse him because he thought he was just leaving to go fuck around. Homie kept bugging about it and teacher finally lost it and said piss in a cup if he actually has to go, so homie grabbed the cup, went to the back corner and pissed in it, then put it on the teachers desk.

    The following week the district had people sitting in on his classes. He was then asked to resign. That class was bananas.

  4. I had a similar situation, I was is the 4th grade and in my computer class. I’ve had a bad case of diarrhea for a week straight, I raised my hand to go to the restroom and the teacher completely ignored me while sitting at her desk, grading everyone’s test. I attempted to get her attention by striking up a conversation. When that didn’t work, I went over to her desk and told her “May I use the restroom?”, she responded with ” Go back to your seat”. Once I sat back down, I released the flood and there was so much diarrhea that I had to be taken home for it became a sick day.

  5. A kid in my third grade shit his pants because the teacher wouldn’t let him go again because he already went. It started to smell like shit last hour of class, we were all confused where it was coming from. Fast-forward to the end of class, when there was no one in the hallway, he pulled his pants all the way down, he couldn’t take it anymore, maybe the shit was burning his ass or something, poor kid, he shat himself on my chair, no wonder why the smell was strong where I sat at the end of the day.

  6. so this happened to me in the 6th grade.
    i really needed to piss but the teacher won’t let me out i managed to hold it until break time i walked out really weirdly holding my piss got down the stairs with each step feeling like it’s gonna explode went into the bathroom locked the door and as i was unzipping my pants it just came out before i could pull down my pants.
    it was so warm!
    after that i got out of the bathroom pants wet and continued my day as usual only i smelled piss the rest of the day

  7. When I was kid I had moved to another country and I was very scared of everything and so I wanted my mom to be around me at all times, sometimes she came to School with me cause otherwise I would Just stay crying in bed, and I had an habit of asking to go to the toilet but actually go and talk to my mom.

    So once in arts class I asked to go pee and teacher said “no you’re just going to talk to your mom”, so I started peeing right there with pants on and all, so she panicked and let me go.

    Jokes on her cause after peeing I talked to my mom.

  8. I had stomach problems in high school. Still do actually. But I had bad stomach cramps every single morning at the same exact time. Poo wasn’t ready at my house. Didn’t affect me in the way in. It was only after sitting in class for about thirty minutes. I actually just took it upon my self to call a meeting with my dean and school nurse. Basically told them embarrassingly what was going on. And I got a free pass to leave class every morning to do my business. And surprisingly I always used that free pass only for what it was intended for.


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