Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ is one of the biggest shows in the US despite poor reviews from critics

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  1. I think if nothing else the first season showed that this show has a hell of a lot of potential. With a more focused story in season 2, I really hope people keep coming back to it and it manages to break the notorious netflix 3 season wall.

  2. Having read several of the books and played Witcher 3, I followed the first season pretty easily, but my wife was really confused about the lack of a coherent timeline. I can see how people had trouble finding coherence but I think that’s just kind of how the story is told. I find it’s pretty true to the books. You sometimes read for a half hour before you realize where you are in the timeline.

    In general I enjoyed the season and Cavill is really good. It’s not top, top quality but it’s entertaining.

  3. I enjoyed the show, though I have to admit that most of that enjoyment is due to a prior love for the games. Henry Cavill is great as Geralt, and the rest of the cast did really well with what they had to work with. But the way the story was structured in this first season was a bit off-putting, and I can imagine a lot of people not feeling it. There’s a lot of lore dumped all at once, most often via exposition, and the time-skips were not the effective tool the creators likely hoped they would be; it felt like the creators were scrambling to throw a bunch of scenes together to get some semblance of a coherent plot.

    Overall, it all felt like a pilot episode. IMO, the show would have been a bit better if it focused a lot more on Geralt doing his Witcher business, taking on monster hunting contracts and solving mysteries, introducing the world and lore bit by bit. The best moments of this show were hands down when Geralt was going about his business and when characters were interacting with him, specifically. I didn’t care much about anyone else in the show, save Yennifer.

  4. I can understand the mediocre reviews because, from a technical stand point, the show is often a complete fucking mess. All kinds of pacing related issues, poorly written dialogue, bad cinematography.. I still loved it, and its basically *exactly* what I wanted out of a Witcher TV show, but I can at the same time admit I enjoyed it *in spite* of the poor directing/writing, rather than because of it.

  5. Like so many viewers I’ve never played the games so the series was my first venture into it. I could wax lyrical about it however I won’t bore you all and will just say it was a very very good 8/10 for me. And like many others I’ll be looking at playing the games now.

  6. > It’s also one of the biggest TV shows in the US right now. “The Witcher,” which debuted on December 20, was the third most in-demand original streaming series in the US for the week of December 18 to December 24, according to data provided to Business Insider by Parrot Analytics. It’s behind only Netflix’s megahit “Stranger Things” and Disney Plus’ “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian.”

    Isn’t this expected? It’s new and heavily marketed.

    I’m more surprised that it’s not ahead of Stranger Things.

  7. I liked the Witcher a lot, but I feel like they need a lot more plot next year. I hesitate to compare to Game of Thrones, but season 1 of that had the whole Kings Landing plot line, plus Tyrion’s adventures, capture, and escape, as well as everything happening at the Wall. You also learned about the characters through their actions and reactions to events. We didn’t spent 3 episodes on Tyrion’s miserable childhood for example.

    In comparison the Witcher felt VERY character focused. I like the characters, and the setting, but I wish more happened. The only significant plot line was the invasion by Nilfgarde, and even that is very much told through the characters.

    I hope they do more with the characters next season.

  8. From a critical standpoint the show isn’t that good. There are stretches that are SyFy channel Saturday afternoon movie quality, but there are also moments of greatness. It sometimes feels like they ran over budget halfway through and used volunteers to do the rest of effects and editing. There are also facepalming writing decisions they changed from the books that just don’t work when the book version was spectacular. All in all, if I were a paid critic I would probably blast the season as a whole. But as a fan of the series and being starved for fantasy content in movies and TV, I loved the show and will probably watch it a couple more times before season 2 is released.


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