New LEC music video – “I want the LEC back”

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  1. Just to answer the obvious question, no. I can’t drum. I have never drummed.

    I feel sorry for everyone who say through me wildly flailing on a high hat for 6 hours while we filmed this.

  2. This was honestly one of the most fun content pieces I’ve ever worked on! The song was composed by A music studio here in Berlin. The lyrics were written by drakos and I and I got to write the guitar solo, which I am very proud of :)))

    I hope you all enjoyed it! Looking forward to making more music throughout the year. I’m thinking metal next 8)

  3. This was almost too good.

    Laure really nailed the dancing of someone too pretty to get criticized for it though. Those movements were…. choices.

    Frosk is just sticking to the movements she learned from 90’s altrock bands when she were 5.

  4. This just proves that no matter how untalented musically you are, if you have a person in the studio who knows how to mix/master you can be a rockstar haha 😀

    also laughed really hard at those garage lens flares that editor didn’t even have time to rotoscope.

    love the vibe in this one and can’t wait for LEC to start and show once again how the best esports broadcast in the world looks like.

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