**TL;DR:** Sailing school (owner/employee?) poses as student, posting newbie questions discussing said sailing school.

Alas, the author /u/cryptolanza has deleted his most recent post – but the remainder are still up. I’ve archived them [here.](https://imgur.com/a/Z6SOCnz) My original reply follows:


Alright, buddy – time to call you on what seems to be bullshit, as I’ve smelled a rat from the start. You’re posing as a student of a sailing school, but in fact, you are either connected to or indeed are the owner of the school.

*Here’s your post history, posing as a student:*
[Two weeks ago, you wanted to know about RYA cat sailing courses.](https://www.reddit.com/r/sailing/comments/ei2nl3/rya_catamaran_courses/)

[11 days ago, you wanted to know if it’d be best to start on a monohull or a cat](https://www.reddit.com/r/sailing/comments/ejjbmg/about_to_start_learning_to_sail_should_i_start_on/).

[5 days ago, you were offering to give us updates on your course with Marbella Sailing](https://www.reddit.com/r/sailing/comments/embvqv/going_on_my_first_sail_with_marbella_sailing/).

However, [your Imgur account in your post history is registered to a user “LindsayLaverty”](https://imgur.com/user/LindsayLaverty)

Every stock blog post in the [blog](https://www.marbellasailingschool.com/blog) section of the Sailing Marbella website is authored by user Lindsay Laverty.
Lastly, both Sailing Marbella and your canabis seeds website are proudly created by Big L. Wonder who.

You’re starting a sailing school, and trying to drum up business – but catfishing a sailing community with bullshit questions you know the answer to is a pretty piss poor way to do it.

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  1. On a high profile board like this people should know that you can’t fool thousands of people. It looks like the school has good reviews, if it is the Marabella school in Spain, so I think they will be ok, but deception is usually found out and frowned upon. Maybe they will come back and fess up, and join the community.


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