Rainbow shirt and cake a “lifestyle violation,” student expelled from private school

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  1. Mom: “What exactly makes you think my daughter is homosexual? What is homosexual about this picture?”

    School: “We never said that, we said, ‘Cultural Acceptance’.”

    Mom: “So are you saying that the cake with ‘Assorted Colors’ and the sweater that her grandmother got her makes her a culturally accepted homosexual?”

    School: “Yes, GTFO!”

  2. The school was founded in 1976, a high water mark for starting all white schools to avoid sending children to integrated public schools.

    And this is why you don’t send your kids to shitty segregation academies.

  3. Hold up they expelled her for a photo on her personal facebook page taken by her mother at a restaurant? Yeah I hope that family sues the hell out of that school. They overstepped boundries and the explanation they are going with is just abhorrent.

  4. **Republicans:** lol get owned libs are such snowflakes they get triggered by anything what about free speech you just can’t handle an honest opinion democrats want to force political correctness down your throat so much for the tolerant left lol

    **Also Republicans:** I- Is that a rainbow? …REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. I understand that the kid would miss her friends but who would want to pay to go to a school that nuts? How do so called Christians maintain that level of intolerance? There is some serious paranoia going on. They need to get out into the world a bit more.

  6. Its fucked up that they are basically saying the rainbow is a “lifestyle” choice when according to Christian beliefs the rainbow is the symbol of Gods promise not to destroy the Earth by flood again.

    I guess a rainbow cant just be a rainbow anymore. How do they reconcile their opposing view points with in their own minds. So much messy doublethink.

  7. Hold up hold up…so not only was it just a rainbow and had zero direct reference to LGBT people, which would aready be outrageous, but this photo was *taken in a restaurant while the girl celebrated her birthday dinner with only her family*. How much do you have to fear a group of people to feel threatened by a 15-year-old’s rainbow hoodie that she chose to wear OUTSIDE of classtime? The worst part is I bet you anything that these people constantly say shit like “We love homosexuals, we just don’t support their lifestyle.” I grew up around people similar to these fundamentalists and the mental gymnastics are absurd. No dude, what you are doing here indicates a level of hatred that rivals the nazis.

    EDIT: Here is the school’s website if you want to join me in sending scathing emails to the administrators 🙂

  8. She probably doesn’t realize how lucky she was to get kicked out of that backwards-ass institution. As a private school, they absolutely have the right to make as many stupid, narrow-minded, pathetic rules as they want – but I hope this goes viral and they lose students, and others reconsider joining that sad sack of a school.


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