The average IQ of the planet just dropped by 50

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  1. If this somehow ever became a reality I’d definitely leave the USA and never look back.

    This insane Trump dynasty fantasy is all to fuckin common with these mouth breathing bootlickers. Maybe George Carlin was right, we have way toooooooo many safety regulations in place and all the wrong kind of people are alive when they shoulda died decades ago.

  2. I like how the 10 year old child we know nothing about is considered a more viable option than the fully formed adult Tiffany “The other one” Trump.


  3. Constitution from one side of their mouths, nepotism and monarchy from the other.

    These people really do need their own country and I’d 100% support a wall between us and them. The US needs a divorce.

  4. I like that clearly Ivanka is the only one of his kids these people trust to be president, you’d think they’d go oldest to youngest, but no. Eric and Don Jr get to be president just so someone will be there in between Ivanka and Barron

  5. They don’t care about the qualifications, character or integrity of their leaders… they only care about what pisses of the left the most.

    The thought of living in a monarchy definitely pisses off the left, so in their minds they’re winning.

  6. The way these chud yokels latched onto this one family of nyc douche bags is fascinating. Like do you think Bill Six Pack watched The Apprentice? How many times did Joey Small Town Asshole probably make some “kill the Kardashians” comment and now he worships at the feet of a different worthless rich loser family?


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