Toyota Tundra with over 250k miles on the OG engine. This is the result of actually taking care of your engine.

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  1. I’ve never seen cam lobes that have the base circle part narrow like that before. Looks like a clever way to reduce overall frictional losses.

    Also, that is in amazing shape for the mileage.

  2. My Matrix with a 1ZZ and a Sentra with a QG16DE didn’t even show the brown staining from the oil. (Mobil1 full syn) at 300k miles and 180k miles respectively.

    edit: jebus, I go to the pub and come back (17.42 here) and this has 220 upvotes?

    anyways, 5k intervals. The original Mobil1 Full SYn (I believe it was 5w-30) with a blue stripe on a grey bottle. seems that the packaging has changed since circa 2007, which was the end of my US/pre-EU life. Always have to be careful of bending in the baffle under the valve cover in the 1ZZ which is very thin metal.

    also, I think it was a QG18DE rather (1.8L DOHC). No issues. Great little engine actually.

  3. I think that’s just more of it being toyota. Seriously though, why is it that toyota motors, checking the oil is golden every time. Besides the “customer taking care of it”, even on vehicles that are way past due for oil changes, is there an actual reason for that? Does the oil just not get used as much compared to other manufacturers?

  4. My corolla 08 s has 145k on it but it goes rogue and the check engine light comes on every now and then. and either sticks around for weeks or goes right back out.. but ive had whats wrong with it fixed twice. lol…

  5. My 95 Camry has 187k on original motor and trans, leaks everything but brake fluid, there’s a crack in the block at the freeze plug, and the wrist pin knocks like a cop with a warrant. She’s still going strong though! If that little car isn’t a testament to Toyota parts I don’t know what is.

    Edit: 287, not 187. I fat fingered the 1 on accident.

  6. It’s a toyota, throw some new oil in and it will treat you right. My family has a bunch, and only one has been sent off to the junkyard. It was a 2006 scion xB my mom drove for 313000 miles before it was time to upgrade.


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